Sewing a new tunic - black linen and black velvet

Here is the embroidery of the pockets : 

Wolfwalkers Cromwell tapestry

 I had the pleasure to work on the movie Wolfwalkers (by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart) on the LY team and the assistant animator's team and my friend Alice did this amazing tapestry design during the preprod of the movie. 

Since that I've been wanted to make it real (with the Bayeux tapestry technique, 11th century/ish)

I'm quite slow on it because i don't want to make any mistake so I do bits by bits, here is a Work in progress ...

Here is the movie one :

I've been asked by colleagues a few time how long it take so here it is : 

Medieval tunic - linen, wool & velvet

I made a tunic, with embroidery & super warm so i can sleep inside as if it was a sleeping bag (still need some sleeves tho)

My fav animal is the magpie and this year i've been putting them on EVERYTHING !


The collar : 

Puffin embroidery for Enora's Bday


A Wolfwalker sweatshirt for my friend Mathilde


Achery and making the hut

Some archery ...
I perverted a friend so well that the day after he ordered a bow and some arrows !

Also here is the V03 of my hut,


La foret des vieilles branches


My embroidered hat and mask (with more magpies): 

The fungus witch

She suddenly appeared from the tree bark. Today is a big day, a busy one.

She quickly need to fill her basket with as much mushrooms as possible.

Cross the hill and the valley and the river to join the great midnight banquet of the Snail King.

Hiking3years ago VS now !


As said in Wolfwalkers :

Be FREE, be WILD, be a WOLF ! 

I am trying, year by years to be more wild, reconnect with the animal that humans is supposed to be, go in the natures with less and less stuff ... it's in progress !


 Happy Premiere Wolfwalkers ! 

I am so happy I've been part of this movie, I was part of the Layout team and the Clean Up team and it was a nice run with the pack ! Good job Wolf!

And, some others drawings ...