A world full of Skulls !

After the festival I wanted to do more of those guys ...

So on the way to Cape Clear for the Storytelling Festival I did a lot of them !

(sadly coming back from the Storytelling festival) 


(unfinished animation)

The Big spiky, bad elephant King.

up the inverted version
down, the ink version

The Big spiky, bad elephant King, from the movie "The Breadwinner" directed by Nora Twomey  (CartoonSaloon)

BERNIE from Puffin Rock

Bernie, from the TVserie"PuffinRock" imagined by Lily Bernard(CartoonSaloon)

FALCON Sculpture

I found this little fellow completely broken on the ground, so I totally re-sculpted it :
A little detail :
It's kinda look like wood now !
And the finish :
I called her Miss Archangelica Sylvestris (like the plant)!
Avant/Apres :

Some Sketches and Magpies


For almost 2 weeks I went on holidays in Corsica with a group of peoples and 2 botanist.
For that time we stayed in the mountain around Galeria and Girolata, sleeping under the stars and eating wild plants and whatever we could find in the forest, sea or ground. 
Can't wait to go again in Corsica, it's amazingly beautiful !

I did a big long sketchbook that will be scanned and updated soon ...

Medieval Embroidery

I started to do Medieval Embroidery a few month ago.
Exercising on design of the movie I'm currently working on at the Cartoon Saloon, 
Here is the trailer >> WOLFWALKERS and the behind the Scene HERE <<
Most of the design are in the trailer.

The first one I did as a test:
For Tatiana's Birthday :
For Laura (my secret santa this year) :
For Alice :
For Tomm's Birthday :
Just for me, a Scythian design (not from Wolfwalkers) : to be finish soon
For Nicole, a original design

And mine, design from Wolfwalkers again :
I use the Bayeux Tapestry stitches !
I also started a MASSIVE ONE  that will take me ages to finish !