Graeme MacAlasdaire #1

Some Celtic illustrations

20 000 Lieues sous les Mers

I'm reading again  20 000 lieues sous les mers from Jules Verne !
I'll never be bored of Jules Verne's fantastic adventures!

Scandinavian board game!

Last month I built a "Talf" Game
I made the "Tablut" version with a  9×9 board.
It's like our ChessGame but the old Scandinavian version.
- The pieces -
- The Board -

 We played Tablut in the Pub in Dingle ...
 And I also made one with stones I took on the coast (Dingle peninsula)


- Acryliques paintings -
The quality is low cause my camera isn't great and I couldn't scan the canvas.

And the little one I did for the Animation Art Show (not canvas):

SpaceTrip !

Some paintings (couldn't take a proper picture with the canvas, so here are just the small paintings)

 And good luck to Ariane 5 on the 28th for the Intelsat 29e mission stuff (I will watch!^^)


Gravure sur Bois ...

On a fait un peu de gravure sur bois cette semaine et ça a donné ces choses ci
(sans me mettre d'outils dans la main en plus!)