The fungus witch

She suddenly appeared from the tree bark. Today is a big day, a busy one.

She quickly need to fill her basket with as much mushrooms as possible.

Cross the hill and the valley and the river to join the great midnight banquet of the Snail King.

Hiking3years ago VS now !


As said in Wolfwalkers :

Be FREE, be WILD, be a WOLF ! 

I am trying, year by years to be more wild, reconnect with the animal that humans is supposed to be, go in the natures with less and less stuff ... it's in progress !


 Happy Premiere Wolfwalkers ! 

I am so happy I've been part of this movie, I was part of the Layout team and the Clean Up team and it was a nice run with the pack ! Good job Wolf!

And, some others drawings ...

some color drawing ...

Immersion Vie Sauvage Aout 2020

 Merci pour cette semaine !

WIP Rohan Flag

"Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east."



Tiller stick, quiver, arrow (fake), longbow, target weaving and target stand ...

(Almost there, the bottom part still bend too much !)

Couple of weeks after ....

The target needs another 2 layers of thickness, but is quite alright and there is no holes after I removed the arrows.
Funfact, grass is growing on it after a few days of rains !
(life finds a way!)