I'm going on an adventure...

 All my stuff to go on adventures in the wild (it still just Ireland, it's not totaly the wild)!


Un peu de nature dans ce monde de beton !

Graeme MacAlasdaire #1

Some Celtic illustrations

20 000 Lieues sous les Mers

I'm reading again  20 000 lieues sous les mers from Jules Verne !
I'll never be bored of Jules Verne's fantastic adventures!

Scandinavian board game!

Last month I built a "Talf" Game
I made the "Tablut" version with a  9×9 board.
It's like our ChessGame but the old Scandinavian version.
- The pieces -
- The Board -

 We played Tablut in the Pub in Dingle ...
 And I also made one with stones I took on the coast (Dingle peninsula)


- Acryliques paintings -
The quality is low cause my camera isn't great and I couldn't scan the canvas.

And the little one I did for the Animation Art Show (not canvas):

SpaceTrip !

Some paintings (couldn't take a proper picture with the canvas, so here are just the small paintings)

 And good luck to Ariane 5 on the 28th for the Intelsat 29e mission stuff (I will watch!^^)