RESEARCHES for my movie...
I didn't had my watercolour with me so i used tea ....
(and tea is not bad at all !)

Littles Monsters for this Halloween

A little Creation of monsters for this halloween...get inspired by my home region of France.

When you walk in the middle of vineyard in Burgundy you can see sometimes animals eyes reflecting the light of the moon.
It's not animals, thats whats parents told you to not get scared, it's the vine keepers eyes.
They protect the vineyard during the all year from everythings (tourist, animals, grape mafia ?) until the grapes harvest and the great vine sale.

After that they are going in hibernation for the winter.
The vine sale happends on the 1st of november, so that's why you have to be really really carefull if your going for a walk during autumn and especially in october and for halloween, they are kinda really really stressed to prepare the vineyard to had a good winter for the year after.
You will never saw entirely those littles guys, just their eyes and one you saw them they'll disapear or prentend that it was an animal...
They are usually really really nice if you are not touching the grape witch aren't yours but don't try to catch one of them or to surprise them, they will ALWAYS see you first and they can make you disapear quickly and turn you into fertilizer (human body in decomposition is a really good fertilizer for plants and trees...)

Haha BURGUNDY forever !

Sorry for the crazy story!


On y croit, on y croit !