An INKTOBER where YOU are the HERO !

It's a test, ON FACEBOOK ! More or less like a DnD game, interactive.
Here is the reccap (copy/past from my fb)
A few choices are given and friends vote, Vote end at midnight.
If you have suggestions (kill that chicken for food, buy that thing, steal the lantern...) 
You can give it and if I think it's interesting, I'll role a dice to see what happen.

If you decision is shit to me, I can choose not to follow it, after all, IT'S MY INKTOBER !
I have no idea where it's going, and I might abandon and change the rules through the month !

Inktober 01.1_You receive a message by a friendly magpie, that have been turning around you for more than an hour.
You unroll the scroll and discover a strange message.
Inktober 01.2_
A_You light the candle,to accept the quest, prepare a travelling bag, a snack a go to bed.
B_Feck that, Ain't my business, The moon will be full tonight, I got to finish my gardening work before dusk !
C_You burn the paper, drink a bottle of hydromel the feet in the river.
Inktober 02_
You fell asleep and tonight it's the Full Moon.
The candle is slowly burning and it's magic is connecting your mind with the Nocturne Realm. 
The Lady of the Night welcomes you into her Kingdom. 
She is offering a protection gemstone (made of Moonstone) you but it can only be effective if you travel at Night.

A_Sounds like a good idea, travelling at night, while it's fresh and be protected by the Lady herself.
B_I don't know, Thanks, but I think I prefer  travelling during daytime. I'll be careful at night and Sleep with one eye open.

Inktober 03.1_
You wake up, it's the beginning of the following night, the candle had finished burning.

The Lady of the Night is a mysterious being.
She sent you bake from her Realm with the stone in a locket and a Riddle to discover how the Moonstone is gonna be useful to you.
In the meantime, a second magpie arrived and brought you a second item, it's a really old leather scroll full of holes.
CHOICES, depends on your answer now :
A_You solved the riddle (I'm waiting for an answer guys). 
Adventure is starting, you keep the scroll for later
B_You haven't solved it the riddle, you have no idea where to start, or head to. 
You prefer to stay and have a look at what the magpie brought you.
Inktober 04_

You opened the locket and the moonstone started to glow, but only in one direction.
Whenever you turn the stone, the ray of light stay in the same direction and seems to show you the way. 
After a few hours walk, The compasstone suddenly stops shinning. The moon has been clouded and you are now in the complete darkness.
You can ear some noise, What do you do ?

A_You can't see a thing but try to walk towards the noise carefully by tiny little steps since it's soooooooo dark and hands in front of you for not walking into a tree.
The noise doesn't sounds like something you've ever heard.
B_You grad Tibert your faithful goat steed and wait in silence, hoping the clouds will go away quickly and bring you a bit of visibility. 
You do not move and try to identify the noise that seems new to you.
Inktober 05_
The noise is next to you, you turn your head and it's actually passing not far from you, behind some trees, it's partially transparent and slowly dissapear in the air.
(I had no scanner for the weekend so I gave no choices)
Inktober 06_
Once the light gone, The Moonstone is starting to glow again. Showing you that you can now continue your road.

(And I lost my favorites pens in the forest, so ... no inktober posted for a few days & no choices either)

Inktober 07_
You have been walking for hours and the darkness are fading. Soon it will be dawn and time to rest. 
You find a nice spot near a fountain in the middle of the forest, light a tiny fire to make tea set up your camping spot for the day.
Inktober 08_
You've wanted to have a look at the scroll but you fall asleep quickly at the bottom of a tree
You wake up at dusk with a weird sensation of being watched. 
You turn your head and a few creatures in the same light than the one from the night before are drinking at the fountain, one of them is looking at you.
They all raise their head towards you, stops for a minute and start running into the woods.
What do you do ?

A_ You jump out of your blanket and start chasing them through the forest.
B_ You still don't know WTH you just saw. After a moment recovering your mind, 
you pack your stuff before opening the locket with the stone and continue your way.

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